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Professionally Different

This podcast is brought to you by a coming together of Mia Von Loga and Lord Simon Jacobs.

Mia is the founder of D!fferent and Simon, the founder of Professional Weirdos LTD.

We've combined forces to inspire the world to embrace being d!fferent and to utilise your Inner Weirdo.

We wanted to create something that lives in the moment, is inspiring and authentic.

We've harnessed a format that is fast-paced, unrehearsed and of course, a lot of fun.

On the podcast we discuss how the unique parts of ourselves manifest within various parts of our lives. We try not to overthink, rather inspire further conversation.

The Format

The podcast works like this;

We have five themes that we discuss on each episode;

Community, Success, Creativity, Gender & Personality. 

Each episode of the podcast then has a chosen topic and we discuss that topic in relation to each theme.

The podcast is like a game of speed chase.


We each get a minute to discuss our thoughts on the episode's topic within the parameters of the themes. 

It's always surprising to us what comes up during an episode and how much you can cover in such a short amount of time.


We created a format that we thought would encourage and stimulate the perfect blend of creativity, inspiration and contemplation. 

The Aim

This podcast was started because of the conversations we were having and the excitement that would build up during those discussions. 

We recognised that these conversations fueled our motivation and provided us with so much momentum and energy that we had to let other people experience them as well.

Short of reaching out to every creative and entrepreneur we knew to have conversations with us, we decided that the best way to let others engage in our discussions was to launch a podcast.

From the recording of the very first episode, we knew we were onto something and every time since we've felt our synapses firing and a deep sense of motivation. 

The idea of the podcast is to get our listeners to engage in the discussions taking place and to get your minds flowing with ideas.

We put ourselves out there on each episode and you may not agree with everything being said and you may find yourself shouting at us from the top of your lungs, but we encourage that!

Please, come share your thoughts with us and share your opinions, that's exactly what we want. 

We can only grow when we have the right information put in front of us. The more stimulus, the better our ideas!

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