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Love. Being. D!fferent.

We love diversity and we encourage this through

classes, coaching & incredible content.

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About You


Are you d!fferent?

Different to your family, to people who surround you and to 'typical' society?

Are you still looking for the place where you fit in? 

Somewhere you do not have to explain yourself and where you can freely live out all of your interests without being judged? 

Do you finally want to be understood?

Do you want all of this and yet are currently struggling with the 'HOW'?

Well, search no further!

And welcome to d!fferent!


Mia, the founder

HI, I'm MIA,


When I was 8 years old, I had dreams to become a national soccer player, when I was 15 however, I found myself creating a path as a singer-songwriter.


I later went on to become a soccer coach, a student of educational science, psychology & sign language. And I did all of this whilst travelling around Europe in my VW van.

Quite the adventure.

You see, I'm a multipotentialite and I want to help others to recognise this within themselves as well.


Multipotentiality is the ability of a person to excel in two or more different fields, i.e. No one person has just one particular path or 'calling' in life, we have several different interests, hobbies, passions and adventures within us.

I created the d!fferent brand to raise awareness of my teaching, beliefs and tofurther buildbridges in this world.

If you're interested in more of my story you can find out by clicking below

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About Me

Difference we've made so far...

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Mia has an innate ability to perceive and understand people, identifying what might be going on – when one might not even know themselves.

She then helps equip you as an individual with different techniques to tackle those issues.


Mia does this with genuine care and one feels she is personally invested and there for you.

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Dass es möglich wäre habe ich nicht geglaubt!

Fast 20 Jahre die Frage was meine Passion ist, was mir wirklich am Herzen liegt, worin ich gut sein möchte, weil es mir wichtig ist - und dann ist es doch passiert!

Die Knoten sind geplatzt!

Das Coaching mit Mia ist eine Investition fürs Leben. Für das eigene Leben, um glücklich zu werden.

Mia, allgemein gilt Dir mein größter Dank! Du hast mich aus einer Krise geholt, die mich über kurz oder lang zerstört hätte.

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