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Beyond Defence

Mia is also the founder of a holistic self defence concept.

"Self-defence I perceive as another form of self-care. Speaking as a woman; it changed my life!"

Short History of Beyond Defence

The concept was originally named SDMC (Self Defence Mindset Coaching) and it was

inspired by my expertise in Krav Maga and my work as a Personal Development Coach.

Whilst most people would not necessarily spot the link, to me it is obvious, both elements are about self-care. Thus, I have developed and refined this programme to incorporate both aspects and have successfully run several classes in London, Germany and BSC, Mexico.

Beyond Defence works as a combination of empowerment, healing and self care. It is specifically designed for women. Whether you want to enrich your physcial fitness and ability, strengthen your mindset and confidence - or you are seeking to heal from a trauma, this is the right place for you. 

Yet we go beyond. This is a mission for all womankind.


Beyond Defence Testimonials

"Mia is a very knowledgeable teacher.

She creates a safe space for learning and addresses individual concerns. She gives individual feedback – her class is really focused on each person doing their best, not “cookie-cutter” training."

"I started to understand that self-defence is not just about fighting an attacker.


The holistic approach encouraged personal examination of my reaction to situations and defining my boundaries."

“I had the pleasure of participating in three workshops with Mia in Mexico. I am so excited and inspired by what learned so far, and I look forward to continuing study with her."  


"I learned a lot and would recommend Mia's classes!" 

Janice Kinne

Publisher, Journal del Pacifico, Mexico

"I have a lot more to learn and I'm really looking forward to this!"

Calie Devault

Journal del Pacifico, Mexcio

"I was able to share simple, yet empowering tips with my children!"

Marimar Higgins

Founder and CEO of Cuatro Vientos and La Esquina, Todos Santos, Mexico

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