hello d!fferent soul

Welcome in a d!fferent world!
This is for you. I am here for you. This is a place of connection, collaboration, support, exchange and uplift. This is a place were d!fferent rules count.
Stay tuned - or better: get in touch - for Coaching, Empowerment, being a feature in my OnlineShow                                       or to just say hello!
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about you.

You are d!fferent than your family, than people who surround you, or society's typical?

Are you still looking for the place where you fit in? Somewhere you do not have to explain yourself, and where you can freely live all your interests without being judged? Do you finally want to be understood?

You want to make a d!fference to that to be truly who you are and live your whole potential? Yet you are struggling with the How? 

Search no further. This is the right place to get started to learn, get inspired and reveal your true self, transform your life style and find your purpose.


Find resources and support in my courses which can teach you all the skills to grow emotionally solid yet to be free, discover strategies to step by step take action to build your path to reach your goal and if you wish, learn how to inspire other people to follow your example.


Find people who are like you, namely d!fferent and create bonds and make friends. Find partners to collaborate and evolve ideas you want to become alive.

Share your story on d!fferent lives to raise awareness that each of us has something unique to enrich with!


Take it all for yourself and dedicate yourself to yourself.

Either join our d!fferentSelfCare Programme and gain the whole package of mindfulness and emotional work, body work, physical activity and feel how much worth you are.

Or apply for me/hire me to be your mentor, and you will get a lifetime support to make it happen, no matter what.


Most of all: Become a truly independent human, not a slave of society.

I am happy you made it here, welcome d!fferent soul. Why not take a stroll around? 


about me.

I am a multipotentalite who has found one of her passions in creating, creating, creating - and making this world a more equal place.

Coming from being eager to become a National Soccer player by the age of 25 when I started soccer at the age of 8, then taking a turn by the age of 15 to create a path as a singer-songwriter (and quit soccer for a while), to later become a soccer coach, student of educational science, psychology and sign language, an European traveler in my VW van, a backpacker around the world, a photographer, story writer, busker, and most of all human connector.

As a Multidimensional Breakthrough Mentor I have created products with my teachings that support people to develop and to learn useful skills.

I love supporting individuals by offering them chances, and today I have found my way in raising awareness and build bridges via A d!fferent Movement and d!fferentLives and BeyondDefence - an holistic approach and d!fferent kind of SelfCare

To focus on these activities to put all my heart and time in, I quit working as a personal coach. However, I am still happy to be your mentor if you are a committed person with a mission which is making a d!fference.

Moreover, I am an advocate specialised on Emotional Intelligence and Diversity, which I live out as a speaker and author.

I am all about individuality and a strong collective humaniy built on fairness amongst for everyone.

Read more about me on my website



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