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When it was just me

Today is June 20th, 2020 and a very special day to me, our Family Day. And I say this living is a house full with 7 puppies who are turning 10 weeks tomorrow.

As I have always had a tendency to nostalgia, it makes me want to share how two years ago a divine second of time in the desert of México changing my life forever and how it was the beginning for our furry full house at this present day...

It was a Wednesday when I had just picked up the rental car from San José del Cabo and going out with my friend for an early lunch. It was a lovely evening and I stayed a little longer than I planned to do. So it was around 8.30pm when I left and it was already dark.

The darkness is the reason why I prefer to drive while there is still daylight, as you won’t find any street lights on the highway on Route 1. You never know when, where and how many cows may cross the highway. As I said, I had enjoyed the evening and it was so nice to have company while the time was turning towards the next day.

My car was loaded with things I had bought for my place, in which I was not yet able to live. We were still in the middle of the conversion to the bare minimum and I could already feel and imagine how it would be to settle and spend our days there. A blessing by the sea.

Hadn’t I dreamt from my young adulthood of traveling in a van with my partner and a dog? Ah! And this was the next step, living in a converted community bus in the middle of nature connected and in minimalism, with a wonderful partner. And well, to complete the picture I had so far welcomed the stray dog in the neighbourhood to become part of us. She was all black and beautiful, I called her Negrita.

So on my way back to Todos Santos I kept feeling this gratitude and puzzled as my dreams were slowly turning into reality. It was around 10pm when I passed the neighbourhood of our place and decided to unload the car into the bus. As excited as I was, as scary it was still to walk around in the darkest dark you can imagine alone while the pacific was pondering its powerful waves onto the shore, making it sound like thunder.

Climbing back into the car I immediately felt safer and was looking forward to finding some nice comfort sleep in the temporary place I had found and just moved into in the morning.

Another 20 mins to ride and then I would have a shower, then go to bed to sleep in.

Wake up and spend the next morning slowly, in solitude with my birthday coffee and a day ahead with a good book and nothing else to do! That was my birthday treat to myself. Awww, yes!

And then - with literally a blink of an eye - it all came differently…

read why here

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