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Looking for my next
to make a d!fference.

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M U L T I P O T E N T I A L I T E 


On this site you will find my world. My colourful d!fferent world.

​Multipotentionality is a personality trait. We have wide interests and a hunger to learn.

We think outside the box and are highly creative and often gifted with many - multi - talents. 

For others our life style can look chaotic and without "sense or orientation".

Yet, we suffer without new stimulation and are free spirits with a lot to give.

Feel free to stroll around and explore my d!fferent hats!

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Ever since my childhood I have found ways to express myself in drawing, painting and experimenting with various materials.
All this led to a colourful range of results from a children’s book over handmade postcards to my current passion linocutting and block printing.

As a human being I believe that nothing excludes the other. I enjoy combining things that seem contradictory to other people. With love and an aligned intention everything matches.


No matter if it is artwork, photography, greeting cards, upcycling or fashion, I love to design unique and classic layouts. I love to play around freely, without restrictions and to build personal stories into each piece I create.

One of the things I really love is having an (unconcious) sharp and creative eye to spot the missing link - to combine, evolve and repurpose existing things. I love to develop and create artistic, social, community and business projects; yet not every project needs to materialise (even though I secretly would love them to!)

My earliest passion and expression were singing and dancing. I remember when I was about 3 years old, I would compose songs to sing away my fear of stuffed animals when it was dark. Music remains one of my most expressive channels, either by creating mixed tapes, DJaying or as the Mia*Splinter with my first album UNSTEADY.


Real life experiences put into written form. Short stories. Poetry. Blogs. Novels in progress. Articles as an expert. I love to play and dance with the words and the language.

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